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E-Commerce Payment Solutions

PayPanel is a multi currency cross border capable payment platform that enables payment companies, corporates, merchants and agents to use it as their own through powerful white labeled services.

The platform aggregates bank and payment services so that the user can manage all their transactions via one single management console, allowing their customers to pay in any integrated payment tool, from cards to mobile payments, from vouchers to stored value.

To accommodate the need for cleared funds, the platform has a bank grade treasury system through which virtual banks of accounts can be created, for multiple account types with interlinking capabilities. Loosely referred to as a wallet by industry,

PayPanel’s Bankserver platform allows the storage of cards against accounts through tokenization. The acquiring module accepts payments in multiple currencies and settles in multiple currencies, with API’s for the integration into accounting platforms like Microsoft Dynamics.

PayPanel uniquely records all transaction details that allows for the mining of key data that informs the users of various situations from disputes to churn in timely useable ways. The primary advantage of PayPanel derived from this unique technology is the fact that it enables the company to act as a Payment Service Provider (PSP) whose clients build their own business on the platform whilst remaining within the industry compliances required by law, regulation and rule. This aggregated model is therefore grown organically by its customers, as they have automated tools they could use to build their business without the traditional intervention by payment staff. PayPanel aspires to use this powerful platform to expand its services into corporates across Africa, servicing MNOs, finserv, retail and government clients.