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Since inception, The Apprentice Valley has become a formidable WASP services provider , we have grown from strength to strength and have enjoyed considerable commercial success based on our professional prowess and industry reputation as the “go-to company” for a variety of digital enterprise solutions, self managed products and partners for whom we provide mobile enablement.

We are one of the market leaders in enterprise messaging, digital enterprise solutions and mobile financial services in South Africa, offering a wide range of products such as Bulk SMS, Premium SMS, Bulk MMS, Location Based Services, Fax 2 Email and other related M-Commerce products

Content Aggregation

We develop bespoke mobile content portals loaded with a versatile library of content ranging from sports, religion, the latest games, lifestyle, video-on-demand, mobile -videos, music and lots more, creating an engaging entertainment ecosystem for all our channel partners.

Digital Marketing

We use digital solutions to drive growth and success. Our services work together, helping your business to run optimally, efficiently and grow to the next level.

  • First and foremost we are about insight driven strategy.
  • Our websites are memorable experiences we want people to love to use
  • Our design is intuitive, beautiful and meant to drive maximum interaction
  • Our mobile applications enhance how people communicate with each other and work efficiently
  • Our social media campaigns are rooted in storytelling and provoking action

Business Intelligence

We leverages leading Data Mining, Modelling and Big Data thinking to help organisations relate and understand the key drivers of revenues, thereby growing revenue profitably, sustainably and with deliberate precision.

We help  ascertain which market segments have the greatest opportunities and identify the right product/s at the right price to capture that market. Simultaneously we ensure that the optimal message and medium is used to entice these customers and that they have the most efficient means of purchasing. We achieve this through empowering you to:

  • Plan with confidence
  • Manage revenue effectively
  • Execute succinctly

We focus on leveraging world class analytics and technologies to provide clients with smart solutions and services that have a proven positive impact on the bottom line.”

Customer Verification

We have developed a FICA verification App for use in the Motor Industry, offering Banks & Dealerships the ability to verify customers FICA documentation reducing the risk on finance applications.

The RICA Verification App is user friendly allowing customers of varying aptitudes to perform the verification by themselves.

Applications are lightweight and available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The main feature of the App is the ability to verify the customers details as they are captured through various calls to the Bureau.

SME Solutions

Our  Office All-Rounder utilises traditional bearers such as SMS and Voice and offers the SMMEs the communications tools used by large corporation at a fraction of the cost.

The platform enables ease of communication through an appointment scheduling tool, a reminder module and a service rating module that can be used to automate the scheduling of appointments, automate appointment reminders, collect responses on reminders, run surveys, send direct marketing messages, distribute content and run automated reports thereby eliminating multiple solutions.  


  • Saves you time and money simple, efficient and cost effective
  • Streamlines your deliveries and tracking
  • Reduces stress improves time management!
  • Unique print-a-bill waybill system no more duplication or errors
  • Slick payment options stored credit cards, Wallet and vouchers

Uber – the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles

AirBnB – the worlds largest accommodation provider, owns no properties

Alibaba – the most valuable retailer, has no inventory

Facebook – the world’s most popular media owner, creates no content

Rush We – will be the world’s largest logistics provider, has no vehicles, trucks, planes or warehouses

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the new frontier for citizens and corporate companies interconnecting computing devices, systems, mechanical and digital machine and, physical objects to self represent digitally. IoT describes a world where just about anything can be connected to the Internet and communicate in an intelligent fashion. Our solutions are on the front row of the industry with cutting edge products that include surveillance, security, automation, online shopping and Machine 2 Machine technology.


Financial statements are a vital part of economic life but can be difficult and cumbersome to administer using a paper based system. By using Apprentice Valley M-statements, you can provide financial statements (tax invoices, monthly statements, salary slips) directly to a mobile device without the need to install an app or download software. Our M-statement platform is compatible with most mobile devices. By using our m-statement solutions you’ll cut down administration costs whilst increasing your efficiencies.

Mobile Mega Promos

The SMS Mega Promo is a game which lasts between 30 and 120 days. It is designed to enable the mobile user to escape the hum-drum of daily life and enjoy themselves whilst entering contests for prizes. SMS Mega Promos offer big Prizes ranging from cash, gadgets and airtime to life-changing prizes (cars and houses). The mobile user receives a SMS which entices them to participate in an interactive SMS game where they send a blank SMS or a premium price SMS to collect points or to enter for a chance of winning a prize.

Mobile Advertising

The future of advertising is mobile. This form of advertising is growing faster than all other digital advertising formats. We use powerful technology and draw from an expert team, to allow our clients to create stunning and interactive advertising campaigns using the 7ps of holistic marketing (product, price, place, promotion, people, process & physical environment) creating strong brand experiences on mobile devices.

Electronic Data Interchange

Increase efficiencies and streamline complex processes

EDI or Electronic Data Interchange, refers to the transfer of data from one data source to another, using a standardised message format. This is an automated process that allows multiple enterprises to exchange information, documents and data electronically.
Traditionally, businesses and suppliers have had to reformat input and output data when internal systems are misaligned. With EDI, information is processed using a uniform, translated and standardised format across various systems. These documents can include anything from purchase orders and invoices, to shipping notices and pathology reports. Even GPS technology can be integrated via EDI.
Organisations in the transportation, retail, banking, healthcare and insurance sectors, amongst others, have found EDI vital in supply chain management. EDI creates efficiencies across complex businesses and automating communications in real time means speed, accuracy and maintaining a competitive advantage.